5 Unexpected Ways the Reeves House will Impact the Community

Elm Street hopes to break ground on the Reeves House in January. The finish line of funding is on the horizon with every donation being matched this month. Here are a few things you may not expect the Reeves House to play a role in our community. 

Attract New Businesses

A study by Princeton University shows a direct link between the presence of an arts institution in an area and that area’s ability to attract new businesses to move there. The study shows that not only are businesses likely to start or relocate to the immediate area, but this also brings high skill workers and additional investments.

For Elm Street, the Reeves House

Elm Street has always been a part of the growth in Downtown Woodstock. Now we are working with other businesses to “Activate Market Street”. The majority of business in downtown is on Main Street, but with the Reeves House opening up we will encourage other startups and businesses to utilize Market Street  to make downtown the “grid” that it was intended to be. This inadvertently  will help with things like traffic/congestion while also bringing in new businesses and high skill workers to the immediate area. 

Significant Economic Growth

In the Atlanta area alone, patrons of arts organizations spend $24.00 in addition to their price of admission on average and $48.00 in addition if they travel from out of town. The Reeves House will be open to the public and not charge admission for most occasions, but these “additional expenditures” will still remain the same.

With the Reeves House, the economic impact of Elm Street and its patrons each year will reach over $1,000,000.00 to the area and create over 35 Full Time Equivalent jobs.

Jobs Created in the Area from Elm Street Activity w/ Reeves House

Elm Street's Economic Impact Annually

Civic Engagement Increases

On Several accounts, research suggests that those with high-arts involvement are more civically engaged in their local community. The study continues in showing that this type of civic involvement with a arts lens can have significant impacts on that communities long-term sustainability.


High Arts young adults report 47% higher volunteer rates than their low arts peers.


Youth with Low Arts Involvement: Voting Rate


Youth with High Arts Involvement: Voting Rate

Community Identity Grows

Woodstock and Cherokee County have a lot of community pride, and the arts help with this. An arts organization’s direct involvement in the community increases a sense of collective identity and efficacy. Additionally, when an audience participates in the arts, this leads to positive community norms that build that identity and pride. 

Crime Decreases

That same Princeton University study (as mentioned above) shows that the presence of artists and arts institutions in a community simultaneously promote neighborhood cultural diversity while also reducing neighborhood crime and delinquency.  

The Reeves House will have a tremendous impact on Woodstock, Cherokee County, and the greater community. We strive to engage the community every day (in ways you may not realize… like above) but to do that we need your engagement today. Please help us break ground by January. All donations are tax deductible and matched to double in value! 

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